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Private Banking

We understand that many of our clients lead demanding and busy lives and have needs beyond conventional banking. That’s why we take care of them, introducing them to specialist partners to ensure they safely navigate the complex world of wealth planning.

Asset Management

By choosing Creative Zone as your partner for your asset management, you receive a tailored and sophisticated service that enables you to simplify and actively steer your business, leaving you with more time for your core activities.

Investment Planning

Each investor has a different story, and we are loyal partners to our clients and pay close attention to their financial goals. Our full range of investment services helps more investors build solid financial futures.

Estate planning

Passing or inheriting wealth as an expat can be complicated due to the drafting of wills, trusts, gifts, or taxes. We help you ensure that your assets are well-protected and in safe hands.

Tax Planning with Concierge Services

We provide professional, reliable, and personalised tax strategies and services to businesses and individuals. Tax planning is an excellent tool to ensure you receive the maximum benefit of the tax code. Let us be your ally to help you reach that goal.

Real Estate Investment

By understanding the needs and financial requirements of investors, our real estate team optimises value for stakeholders through the entire life cycle of a real estate investment. We focus on investing I incoming generating retail, commercial, office, residential and mixed-use assets in the region.

Why financial planning and asset protection is important for your future

  • Set attainable goals for your family and business
  • Keep assets unavailable to potential creditors
  • Provide support and monetary flow in all circumstances
  • Avoid fraudulent businesses and probate
  • Coordinate plans for real estate
  • Growth in income
  • Growth in cash flow
  • Achieve your long-term goals

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