The 2023 UAE
Business Setup Guide

All you need to know about setting up and operating your business in the UAE.

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Business Setup Guide 2023

The UAE Business Setup Guide, created by Creative Zone, is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs and business owners who are considering starting and operating a business in the UAE. This comprehensive guide addresses many of the critical questions investors may have about their business, covering everything from company incorporation to labour laws, human resource regulations, sales and marketing, tax and accounting, intellectual property protection, compliance, and funding opportunities. It aims to provide entrepreneurs with all the essential information they need to successfully navigate the process of setting up and running a business in the UAE.

Additionally, the UAE Business Setup Guide also provides useful information for individuals who plan to live in the UAE, including details about the cost of living, housing options, healthcare, education, transportation, and cultural norms. By offering a comprehensive overview of what it’s like to live and work in the UAE, the guide can help prospective entrepreneurs and business owners make informed decisions about their business and personal lives in the region.

Main Chapters

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The UAE: An Overview


Setting Up in the UAE


Running and Operating your Business in the UAE


Setting up in the UAE


Scaling and Growing your Business


Supporting Services for SMEs and Startups


Relocation and Family

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