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Business Setup Guide 2024

The Creative Zone's 2024 UAE Business Setup Guide is essential for entrepreneurs and corporates planning to expand their business to the UAE's dynamic market. This latest edition explores the UAE's evolving business environment, focusing on new trends, regulatory changes, and emerging opportunities. It covers all aspects of business formation and operations in the UAE, including information on company setup, updated labour laws, human resource regulations, sales and marketing, recent tax and financial rules, intellectual property protection, compliance requirements, and funding opportunities.

In addition to its business focus, the 2024 UAE Business Setup Guide provides valuable insights into living in the UAE. It features current information on the cost of living, diverse housing options, healthcare, education, transportation and a comprehensive overview of the UAE's cultural norms. The guide is designed to help entrepreneurs and corporates make well-informed decisions for their professional ventures and personal lives in the UAE. The 2024 Business Setup Guide is at your fingertips, offering immediate guidance and support for all your entrepreneurial needs.

Main Chapters

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The UAE: An Overview


Setting Up in the UAE


Running and Operating your Business in the UAE


Compliance and Regulation


Scaling and Growing your Business


Supporting Services for SMEs and Startups


Relocation and Family

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