Our Services

Creative Zone offers the following services
to help your business thrive in the UAE:

Market Research

Our team of researchers will create bespoke reports on your market segment, your competitors and your industry.

Just let us know what you want to find out, and we’ll get to work.

Business Development Support

Our advisors and consultants will help you develop and execute business strategies and improve efficiency throughout your operation.

We can assist with market entry, client sourcing, international market expansion, and more.

Feasibility Studies

We can support with feasibility studies on a wide range of projects and plans.

Once we understand your proposal, we will work to seek answers to critical questions concerning feasibility, assess all potential risks, and ultimately determine if your project is viable.

Commercial and Personal
Real Estate Support

We offer corporate relocation services, as well as real estate and office solutions to help you find your perfect premises.

Once a location is found, we will liaise with real estate brokers and relevant bodies to facilitate a fast and smooth transaction.

Employee Soft Landing

Whether you are making a new hire or relocating employees from outside the UAE, we can help give your staff a soft landing when they arrive.

We’ll take the pressure of inductions away from your management or HR teams by giving employees everything they need to feel at home.

Supplier Development

Finding trusted suppliers in a new jurisdiction can take time. And that’s one thing most business owners simply do not have.

Our supplier development service connects you with trusted suppliers and key partners in the UAE to take the headache out of building your supply chain.

Marketing and Advertising

Our media and marketing division can help to define your brand identity and build storylines for your business.

From logo design to web building, ad creation, social media campaigns, branding, and more, we have all the services to help your brand launch from day one.

Launch Events

Dubai is a competitive market, so you’ll want to make a splash when you arrive.

Our hospitality experts will help you plan a launch event guaranteed to grab attention – so you get off on the right foot straight away.

Why Work with
Creative Zone?

Thanks to our international team with extensive local knowledge, we’ve helped over 45,000 entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses in the Middle East.
Our simple yet ground-breaking advisory model is built to support your business at every stage of its existence.
From pre-setup and incorporation to launch and growth, we are the perfect partner for businesses seeking that extra competitive edge.

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Business Setup Manager

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Business Setup Advisor

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Business Setup Advisor

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